“I would just like to express my gratitude to everyone at Cascade TMS for their touching support especially Kathe and Brittany. They were so crucial in my recovery. I cannot thank them enough. I am better now and they are a big reason why.”



“TMS didn’t fix my life, but I believe it prepared my brain to recover from depression.  Since completing TMS, I don’t isolate myself like I used to.  My thoughts don’t fall into the same old negative patterns.  I’ve been able to maintain good exercise and eating habits and stay in touch with friends and family.  It takes effort, but the effort is worth it.  I continue to work with a therapist to make peace with old traumas and losses, untangle unhealthy behavior patterns, and establish more positive habits.  I am grateful to Cascade TMS for providing the support I needed to enter this new phase of life.”



“TMS therapy from Cascade TMS has been a life-altering experience. As a person that has suffered from depression and anxiety without responding to most medications, TMS lifted my symptoms in a way I’d never before experienced. I would recommend TMS Cascade for their kind and thoughtful staff as well – I feel they made a huge difference in the success of my treatment. Thank you!”